How to Get Certified Birth Certificate Translation For Visa

How to Get Certified Birth Certificate Translation For Visa

Online birth certificate translation

A birth certificate is a vital document required in many essential processes including jobs, education, birth certificate translation for visa immigration, inheritance, and much more. Hence, the absence of your birth certificate has the potential for creating severe issues in your life. 

Problems may happen when you have the birth certificate, which is not in the language that the authorities fail to understand. If you want to translate your birth certificate for visa immigration purpose.

It is the right time to consider certified birth certificate translation for visa immigration in Delhi. It ensures that you can get the birth certificate precisely translated into your desired language.



When you need certified birth certificate translation in Mumbai?

It is a smart idea for birth certificate translation  if you plan to travel to a nation where the language is different from the language of your birth certificate. It is particularly true if you desire to immigrate.

How to Get Certified  Birth Certificate Translation for visa?         

When you decide to apply for benefits or licenses in an overseas country, you have to translate the birth certificate that involves few steps.

  • Translation

Hiring the certified and professional translators is a smart and fast way gets the Document Translation in the required language without any delay.

  • Quality check

Once the translation job is finished, you can ensure that it is translated with no compromise on quality within short time duration.

  • Maintained formatting

It is advised to carefully choose the translators who have better skills in translation. They not only bring you accurate results but also ensure that the format of translated copy is same as your original document.

  • Notarized the Translated Document

After reviewing the translated documents by an expert the next step is to notarize your birth certificate from notary public.

Who signs  and affix a legal notary seal after verifying the translated documents from the original text. This ensures 100% accuracy and utmost quality of the assigned project.

  • Certified copy of Notarized the Translated Document

There after a certificate on the company letterhead confirming the authenticity of the translated documents and accuracy maintained therein is also issued.

Where can I translate my birth certificate for the USCIS?

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) requires that an experienced translator accurately translate this document before submitting your filing.

You are also required to submit certified translated copy of native language document in which it is needed, duly covered by a certificate issued by the translation company.

They are competant  to translate and the translation is accurate. If you fail to meet the requirements, USCIS decline your certificate.

Hence, it is advised to acquire certified birth certificate translation in Delhi offered by reliable companies like Yashvi Translation.

Who is legally allowed to translate a birth certificate?

If you undertake anything essential enough for demanding the certified birth certificate translation in Mumbai.

You will take every precaution. It helps you to ensure that the document is in perfect order and precisely translated. The best way to perform this process is to hire professional translators who are having these qualities:

  • Well-qualified individuals who are certified by the state government
  • They must be expert service providers with precise knowledge about the legal commissions
  • The translators must possess the legal educational background
  • Experience must be preferred
  • They must have a proper understanding of legal systems and rules of both the nations and birth certificate.

You can ensure that the chosen translators meet all these requirements before submitting your certificate to them.


If you want to translate your birth certificate, it is highly recommended to hire a certified birth certificate translation company.

It has ample experience in translating your birth certificates from different languages. The experts are also well-versed in different specifics like language variations between countries and regions.

When you get everything from professionals, you can stay relax by knowing that your certificate can be handled with great care.

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