How can I get a certified birth certificate?

In order to get the officially certified birth certification, you need to contact the most important records office present in the particular state where you were born. You need to follow the instructions properly when you need copies and paying the fee. Suppose you require a copy very fast, you need to ask about the advanced shipping or service at the time of placing the order.

How to order a certified copy of birth certificate?

  • Visit the official site and fill the official details in your request form
  • You need to send the notarized certificate of identity or else complete the online authentication
  • If you don’t want to or not authorized to submit the notarized certificate of identity will receive the informational certified copy

You can also effectively check the birth certificate online in a most advanced manner.

  • At first, you have to choose the check online option
  • Then you must enter your official email address and ORN
  • You need to enter the reCAPTCHA correctly to verify you are not a robot
  • Go through the terms and conditions and accept it
  • Click submit option


Where to go to get a copy of birth certificate?

Visit the municipal corporation office in the city you were born and pay some fee to get the certificate.

What is an apostille?

In general, an Apostille is a particular type of attestation through which the documents can be effectively legalized in a certain format. That will be acceptable all over the nations which certainly belong to the Hague Convention. Most importantly, Apostille is considered as the international attestation which can be acceptable in around 92 countries. To be frank, these Apostille is popular in all over the world.

How to apostille a document in India?

  • In India, one can get apostille a document in a most effective manner.
  • It is like a sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs which got stuck back of your document.
  • After that, again a stamp can be rendered on that sticker which will be partially on the document and partially on the sticker


How to apostille marriage certificate in India?

Initially, you need to get proper Attestation on your Marriage Certificate from your respective State. After that, the officers will apostille the marriage certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs.

How to apostille a document?

In order to apostille a document, only original documents can be duly authenticated by the legal authorities of state governments. Then the apostille stamp will be issued by MEA – Ministry of External Affairs. This kind of process can be done on the backside of your original document via affixing a unique sticker with a unique number.



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