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You can rest assured that Yashvi Translation can provide you with a certified translation of your Indian to English WhatsApp conversations. It’s available for online requests from anywhere in the world. If we are talking about a chat translator for WhatsApp & Instagram, we’ll send you soft copies by email and hard copies by courier. No issue where you live; you can place an order on our website. You don’t even have to come to our office in person.

Why Do We Need A Certified Whatsapp Translator?

When your partner pays for you to move to Canada, you must prove that you are in a relationship with them. WhatsApp or any other social media chat can help you do this, and you need a professional WhatsApp translator. The chats will only work if they are in English or French.

The embassy of Canada doesn’t know how to speak any other language. Make sure to have your WhatsApp chats translated into either English or French if you want your spouse’s visa to be valid.


Who Is A WhatsApp Language Translator?

We have told you what Spouse visa approval needs, which is only a certified and notarized translation. It means that a certified translator or a translation agency put their seals and stamps on it and signed it. You can certify your chats at Yashvi Translation. We have a team of native, professional, and certified WhatsApp language translators who understand your needs and work to meet them. If you need a translation for immigration, citizenship, or a permanent resident card, we can help.

With the Chat Translate in English service, you can help people get visas. The most important thing now is to use Chat Translation to get a Spouse Visa. The government is making it harder and harder for people to get visas and enter the country by making up fake marriages. You can speed up your work with our chit chat translation English service.

Process Of Chat Translation In India For Spousal Visa

Step 1

Template Preparation:

The process starts with the “Template preparation”. You have to send us the shortlisted chat history either in the form of the screenshots or text format as per month itinerary in ascending order along with both of

yours passport name in order to include in the header section of the chat template.

Template Selection Criteria {Must Read}

Key Points To Remember:

The main purpose of the chat translation is to validate your “Chat History” to the immigration officer, so it must cover some below mentioned points, otherwise, may leads to reject/objection;


1.It should be clearly visible

2.Officer should correlate the original chat with its translation alongside, so both (source & translation) must be on the same page.

What does this Template Look like?

1. We prepared the template on company letterhead.
2. Afterward put the “sponsor” and “Applicant” passport names & the language combination in Roman (English) Script.
3. On the left side, we put your original chat screenshot (or text) message & prepare the translation box alongside to put the translation.

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Step-2 Translation Process of WhatsApp Chat

Translation Process:
1. Legal Translator of the respective language do the professional translation.
2. Our team will take care of formatting & internal QC
2. Afterward, draft version sends for client review and approval before certification.

Chat translators can able to translate your chat into any language since they are native speakers, These professionals will assign you the best chat translator to complete the chat translation process based on your required language. You can effectively get your WhatsApp chat translation based on your need without any errors and delay. Hence without any hesitation, you can trust them and understand the English chat in your language. These chat translators will translate your WhatsApp chat manually without using any machine translations. Your chat translated here will be accurate and relevant since it has been translated by certified chat translators.

In order to hire your preferred chat translators, now you can contact the customer support team without making any delay. They can help you immediately you want. You can get suitably experienced translators and then you can handle your work to them based on your requirement.

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Step-3 Certification Process

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As a final step, approved draft goes for certification process on company letterhead, stamp and signed. In addition, we also do the notary of the document from “Court appointed notary public” An Affidavit also issued which is the prerequisite of this service. An affidavit has the translation date, the translator name, the verifier name and signature being an Certified agency name, , a stamp, and seal to make this as a legal entity.



Applying for a Spouse Visa is not an easier process. It is quite a long-haul as well as a complex process. Acquiring the spouse visa is one of the most challenging especially under the visa immigration system. Normally, the Spouse Visa is quite necessary for applicants living in the country with a partner. To apply under this visa, the partner needs to be a citizen or settled in the country. For submitting the visa, it is important to have the WhatsApp or Instagram chats translated for verification.

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How Do You Put Translation Chat Together?

The people working at immigration or the embassy don’t need your bundles of chats or any personal information. They have to check to see if you are a couple who always talks to each other. Please include the chats where you and the other person talk about your families.

Make sure to include screenshots of chats that go on for a long time. You can skip any month or year if you’ve been talking long. Taking two or three screenshots of your chat history every month is enough. Include a screenshot of the whole screen with your name, the date, and the time.


What Is The Cost Of A Chat Translator?

The chat translation cost is reasonable. When we set up our chat translator for WhatsApp and Instagram services, we thought about how easy and comfortable it would be for our users. Clients can share input in any way they want, like by taking screenshots.


What time do we require for the chat translate in English?

Any document takes a minimum amount to translate. Once we do the chat translate in English, we send you a draught to look over again. Once you provide us with your final approval, we print, scan, certify, and notarize the document.

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What Will You Receive For Chat Translation For A Canadian Spouse Visa?

Here’s an example of how we do certified translations for chat translation for a Canadian spouse visa. If you need to translate anything printed on our letterhead, you’ll need to get it notarized, signed, stamped, and sealed (Mandatory for Canada). A Certificate of Translation or Affidavit on our letterhead says the translation is true and correct. An affidavit has the translation date, the translator’s name, the verifier’s name, the type of document, the translator’s signature, a stamp, a seal, and so on. Scanned copies are sent by email, and hard copies are sent to your address by courier.

  1. Conclusion:

    Are you looking for an individual to translate your WhatsApp conversation into English so that you can apply for a spouse visa? When you use our certified chat translator WhatsApp services, you can rest assured that everyone will understand your message. To verify the accuracy of the chat translator for WhatsApp & Instagram, we have access to a translator who has been certified.

    A certified translation of the chat history from WhatsApp or any other social media platform is something that we can supply for you. It wouldn't take us very long to review your conversations' translations. To acquire a quote, you can either give us a call, complete an online purchase, or send us screenshots of your conversations.

  2. What do you need to know for Spouse Visa?

    Do you have supporting documents for your Canadian immigration application that are not in English or French? You will probably be required to produce official translations in such a scenario. When applying for immigration or permanent residence in Canada, you need to provide certified translations of your official papers into English or French. The government recognizes these two languages as being the official languages of Canada.

    Suppose the original document is not in the correct language. In that case, it needs to translate into English or French by someone qualified to do so. For the translation to be consider complete, it must include everything on the original document, including seals and signatures. The translation must also have the name and signature of the person who did it.

  3. What May You Need To Have Translated Before Moving To Canada, And Why?

    In some cases, IRCC may let you send documents written in a language other than English or French without a translation. If this happens, IRCC will make it clear in your application. Suppose your application doesn't say anything about translations. In that case, you must give them any documents that aren't in English or French.

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