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From completing a Punjabi to English chat translation for a spouse visa application to understanding the implications of this type of translation, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account when initiating such an endeavor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process and ensure you have all the necessary information before embarking on your translation journey.



Punjabi To English Chat Translation

If someone wants to immigrate on a spouse visa, they must demonstrate their relationship. Since the number of cases of fake marriages has increased, the governments of many countries, have decided to take extra precautions to avoid this, and this is one of them. In this case, you can present the daily chats or conversations you have. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate your relationship with your spouse and their family members. You don’t have to show your personal conversation to prove it; usually, simply talking suffices.

Document Translation Services may be required for people who travel to a country where their native language is not spoken. Their visa-related documents may be written in a language that the authorities in the country issuing the visa do not understand. This can cause visa applications to be delayed. Delays of this magnitude can result in substantial losses; additionally, the frequency with which people travel from one country to another is increasing, resulting in an increase in demand for visas. As a result, difficult-to-process visas are more likely to be denied.

Punjabi To English Chat Translation By Certified Chat Translator You can trust us to provide a Certified Translation of your Punjabi to English WhatsApp conversations. It accepts online requests from anywhere in the world. If we’re talking about a WhatsApp and Instagram chat translator, we’ll send you soft copies via email and hard copies via courier. You can place an order on our website regardless of where you live. You are not even required to visit our office in person.

What Exactly Is A Certified Translation Conversation?

The process of translating chat documents with an official seal and signature is known as certified translation chat. A certified translator is used in Chat Translation For Visa. The notary commissions a qualified translator who has completed training at an accredited educational institution to translate the legal documents. A certified translation of a conversation is required in a variety of situations, including when dealing with any type of law or government regulation. Consultancies that provide capabilities for converting various language types and assist clients in the process are known as translators for WhatsApp chat.

Process Of Chat Translation In India For Spousal Visa

Step 1

Create A Template.:

The “Template preparation” step kicks off the process. To include in the header section of the chat template, you must send us the shortlisted chat history in the form of screenshots or text format as per month itinerary in ascending order, as well as both of your passport names.

Template Selection Criteria {Must Read}

Key Points To Remember:

The main purpose of the chat translation is to validate your “Chat History” to the immigration officer, so it must cover some of the points listed below, or it may result in a rejection/objection.

1.It must be clearly visible.

2.Officer should cross-reference the original chat with its translation so that both (source & translation) are on the same page. Roman language combination (English)

3.We put your original chat screenshot (or text) message on the left side and prepare the translation box alongside to put the translation.

What does this Template Look like?

1. We prepared the template on company letterhead.
2. Afterward put the “sponsor” and “Applicant” passport names & the language combination in Roman (English) Script.
3. On the left side, we put your original chat screenshot (or text) message & prepare the translation box alongside to put the translation.

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Step-2 The Chat Translation Procedure:

Translation Process:

1. A professional translation is performed by a legal translator of the respective language.
2. Our team will handle formatting and internal quality control.
2. Following that, a draught version is sent to the client for review and approval prior to certification.

Because they are native speakers, chat translators can translate your chat into any language. These professionals will assign you the best chat translator to complete the chat translation process based on your required language. You can get your WhatsApp chat translation done quickly and without errors or delays. As a result, you can trust them and understand the English chat in your language without hesitation. These chat translators will manually translate your WhatsApp chat without the use of machine translations. Your conversation will be accurately translated here.

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Step-3 Certification Process

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As a final step, the approved draught is stamped, signed, and stamped on company letterhead. In addition, we perform document notarization from a “Court appointed notary public.” An affidavit was also issued, which is a requirement for this service. An affidavit includes the translation date, the translator’s name, the verifier’s name, a stamp, and seal to establish this as a legal entity.



It is not an easy process to apply for a Spouse Visa. It is a time-consuming and complicated process. Obtaining a spouse visa is one of the most difficult tasks, especially under the visa immigration system. Normally, the Spouse Visa is required for applicants who live in the country with a partner. The partner must be a citizen or have settled in the country to apply for this visa. It is critical to have the WhatsApp or Instagram chats translated for verification when submitting the visa.

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Why Do We Need WhatsApp Chat Translation?

We occasionally use our native tongue in WhatsApp/Social Media conversations. We still use the English alphabet to type those words. Furthermore, the person stated that the policy had recently been revised. As a result, conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook must now be translated in the same way that any other document written in a foreign language is. They are concerned with how frequently you communicate. There is no requirement that you communicate solely in English.


How Do You Make Translation Chat?

The people who work at immigration or the embassy do not require your chat logs or any personal information. They need to know if you’re a couple who always talks to each other. Please include the conversations in which you and the other person discuss your families.


Include screenshots of long-running conversations. If you’ve been talking for a long time, you can skip any month or year. It is sufficient to take two or three screenshots of your chat history once a month. Include a screenshot of the entire screen, along with your name, date, and time.

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Why Choose Us!

•Prompt Response – We respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. After receiving Screenshot of your WhatsApp Chat, the free quotation and procedural details will be sent. • One-Stop Solution– From start to finish, we provide a one-stop solution for WhatsApp Chat Translation in India• Reliable Chat Translation Service In India– We are an authentic and ISO certified company that provides speedy Document Translation Services for Spouse Visa in India (see our reviews and client satisfaction). • Service Availability Across India – Yashvi Translation, which started Document Translation, Apostille, and Attestation Services in 2010, now has branches throughout India, providing the best services to its customers. • Quality Service– Best practices in the administration of Apostille, Attestation, Translation, and associated services. • Customer Service-Customer service will be allocated a dedicated project coordinator.

  1. Client’s Benefits: -

    Secure: Complete confidentiality safeguards are in place for information about chat translation services. Transparent processes: Transparent processes have end-to-end management, actual time monitoring, document processing, and accountability. Huge Network: Throughout India, there is a vast network of excellent document translation service facilities managed by qualified, talented, and motivated personnel. Being there in person is not required: It is not necessary for you to physically be present to submit your documentation. Availability of Services: We Accept Chat Translation from Everywhere in the World. Online payment choices include credit card, bank transfer, Paytm, and Upi.

  2. Conclusion: -

    You can translate conversations on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. The vast majority of countries adhere to the requirement that discussions take place in English. Get them translated if they are not in the same language. We provide this WhatsApp translation service in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Remember to certify it because it is required.

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