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Need your documents authenticated for use in the Philippines? Yashvi Translation offers a reliable, timely and accurate Philippines Apostille service to authenticate your documents for international use. Our team of experts provide an efficient and professional process that meets all necessary requirements.



Philippines Apostille

When applying for the Apostille process from the Philippines, there are a few documents you will need to provide. These documents include notarized originals or certified copies of passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. Furthermore, official translations of these legal documents may also be necessary depending on the country’s specific regulations. It is important to understand all the requirements for this process in order to ensure a successful authentication experience.

Yashvi Translation can provide certified translations of documents for the Apostille process from the Philippines. Our team is comprised of native language speakers and certified translators who are skilled in translating a wide range of documents, including Legal Translation, Degree Certificate Translation , and Medical Translation. We guarantee accuracy in our translations and ensure full compliance with Philippine regulations. Additionally, we provide excellent customer support throughout the entire experience. Contact us today to get started on obtaining apostille authentication from the Philippines!

Online Apostille Attestation Services In India

Yashvi Translation provides convenient and reliable online apostille attestation services in India. Our professional team delivers fast, accurate translations with complete confidentiality. Each document is carefully reviewed in detail to ensure accuracy and adheres to all Philippine government regulations for authenticity. With our expertise and support, your documents will be authenticated quickly and easily for use around the world.

At Yashvi Translation, we provide expert legal and notarization services for the apostille of your documents. With our online procedure, you can apply for an apostille from the comfort of your own home. We will review your documents and contact you if any changes are needed. Our service also guarantees that everything is in compliance with Philippine government regulations. Moreover, we guarantee that all certified translations are 100% accurate. With our professional service and expertise, rest assured that your document will be authenticated quickly and securely for use abroad.

How To Get Apostille Document For Philippines In India

The process of getting your documents authenticated by the Philippine Apostille in India is straightforward and hassle-free. All you need to do is submit the necessary documents, such as an original copy of your birth certificate, school records or marriage certificates, along with a statement of purpose. Our apostille attestation specialists will review your documents and provide an apostille seal that authenticates the document’s authenticity. Once it has been approved, you can then present it to authorities in other countries as proof of authenticity.

It is important to submit the documents in their original form for Apostille purposes, as certified copies are not accepted. In addition, you must meet India’s Embassy requirements with respect to notarized or attested documents. All documents must be correctly prepared in order to get an authentic apostille stamp from the relevant Philippine Authority. Once you have all your documents ready and properly authenticated, our translation experts will translate them into English or any other language so that authorities in other countries can easily read and understand it. With our expertise, you can easily obtain a legal document authentication process for your Philippines Apostille document quickly and hassle-free.

How Yashvi Translation can help you in Philippines Apostille Certificate Attestation

Our team of apostille specialists is here to ensure accuracy and precision in every document we Apostille. We have experience in authenticating all types of documents with the Embassy & Consulates, making it easier for you to get your documents authenticated without any hassle. Our team understands that time is precious so we provide rapid attestation services, with our experts working around the clock to process your documents as quickly as possible. We also work closely with the local authorities to ensure that all documents meet their standards before they are authentication by the Philippines Apostille.

Yashvi Translation specializes in providing hassle-free document attestation services for all types of documents including certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death, education and business documents. We have years of experience in the industry and understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to document authentication. Our team works rigorously to make sure that your document is authenticated without any errors and rejections. We also provide assistance with embassy fees and other paperwork related to the Philippines Apostille certificate attestation service. Every step of the way we are there with you so that you can get your documents authenticated as quickly as possible.

Apostille Services Near Me

If you are living in the Philippines and need reliable and timely Apostille services, Yashvi Translation is here to help! We provide fast, efficient, and secure apostille services with our experienced team located near you. You can rely on us to deliver accurate results quickly, allowing you to get on with your life without worrying about your documents. Get in touch with us today and let us take care of all your Apostille needs!

MEA Apostille Stamp Specifications:

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) stamps, also known as Apostille stamps, are issued by the Indian government to vouch for the authenticity and legality of a document for use abroad. It is a well-known certification stamp that allows a specific document to be used in other countries. When getting documents apostilled in India, certain requirements must be met, such as proving the identity of the person issuing the document, confirming its originality, providing all necessary proofs or documents, and so on. Following these steps ensures that your certificate is correctly authenticated and attested, allowing you to use it in other countries.

apostille stamp india
  • Country: INDIA
  • This public document is the Birth Certificate
  • Has been signed by: Name of the officer recognized by the MEA
  • Has been signed by is the Name of the officer whose service has been acknowledged by the MEA
  • Certified by: Serving in the role of On: Date of Apostille
  • At: Where Apostille is
  • Reference No: There are 4 letters and 10 numbers which is unique to all issued documents
  • Is issued to: Name of the Person with the Document
  • Seal/stamp: of the section officer of MHA that gave the Apostille
  • Signature: Authorization to give the Apostille

Get Expert Assistance For The Apostille Documents

Philippines comes under the Hague convention and as per the rules and regulations of the Hague. It is imperative to authorize the documents and the meaning of apostille documents for the visa process. Without apostille documents, an applicant won’t be able to receive the necessary approval.


Yashvi Translations are totally and completely aware of the policies of Philippines the elevated conventions caused by it. We are certainly aware of the process in and out as we have been serving in this industry for quite a long now. With our apostille documents in India, one can get the necessary visa approval.


Our team of experts methodically scrutinizes all your documents including life certificate for power of attorney for easy process in apostille countries. We strive to meet all the pre-requisites for the apostille process and apostille services in India.

apostille document in india
Types of Documents and Details:
The Documents are classified majorly in to three types.
  • Educational
  • Personal
  • Commercial


apostille process educational documents india

Your academic credentials will be apostille-ed, proving your eligibility for a student or work visa in Philippines. The leading apostille company in India, Yashvi Translation, offers specialized apostille services.

  1. Step 1: The applicant first sends his academic credentials to a reputable Apostille consultant. His diploma, HSC, SSC, transcripts, school leaving certificate, mark sheets, transfer certificates, and school reports are among the documents he has submitted.

  3. Step 2: Your documents will then be attestation by a notary public.

  5. Step 3: The certificate would then go through home/SDM attestation or HRD attestation if necessary.

  7. Step 4: Following the section officer's signature and stamp, the documents must be officially sealed by the Ministry of External Affairs.


apostille process personal documents india
What Is The Procedure For Philippines Obtaining An Apostille For Personal Documents?

We have been providing apostille services for over ten years. Over time, our understanding of MEA attestation and apostille service has evolved, as has our attention to detail and high standard of excellence for all applicant documents. These documents include affidavits, PCC Attestation, medical certificates, birth, marriage, and death certificates, as well as powers of attorney. This allows us to verify your identity and the authenticity of your personal documents in Philippines. As a result, the documents will be legally valid for use in Philippines with just one apostille stamp.

  1. The candidate presents his personal credentials to a certified Apostille specialist in step one.

  3. .Step 2: Your documents will be delivered to the notary for notary attestation.

  5. Step 3: When the documents are finished, they will be attestation by Home or SDM.

  7. Step 4: In order to complete the legalization process, the papers must bear the Ministry of External Affairs stamp as well as the section officer's signature.

apostille process commercial documents india

An Apostille of Commercial Documents from the MEA is required to commercially export services or goods to another country (Ministry of External affairs). Among the documents he possesses are his Trade Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Registration Certificates, Export Invoice, Certificate of Origin, GMP, Commercial Invoice, FSC, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Authority Letter, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, and Bill of Lading.

  1. First, the candidate must present business documents to a certified Apostille specialist.

  3. Step 2: A notary public will then certify your documents.

  5. Step 3: The document will then be sent to the chamber of commerce for the COA attestation process.

  6. Step 4: The documents must then be stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs or sent to an embassy for attestation if necessary.



With the help of Yashvi translation services, document apostille is a simple process. The following steps are being taken:

  1. Step 1: Call, email, or WhatsApp YASHVI TRANSLATION SERVICES. After that, you will receive a quote and begin processing the data.

  3. Step 2: We collect your documents and deliver them via courier to the registered address.

  5. Step 3: We certify the security of your documents and provide updates once we receive them.

  7. Step 4: You will then receive a soft copy of your APOSTILLE documents, which you can upload to the appropriate authority right away.

  9. Step 5: Your documents will then be delivered to your door via "free home delivery."


Apostille process of yashvi translation
Why Choose Us!

  1. •Prompt Response - We respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. After receiving the scanned copies of the papers, the free quotation and procedural details will be sent. • One-Stop Solution- From start to finish, we provide a one-stop solution for MEA Apostille and Embassy Attestation requirements in India. • Reliable Apostille And Attestation Service In India- We are an authentic and ISO certified company that provides speedy verification and legalization of your documents from the MEA in India (see our reviews and client satisfaction). • Service Availability Across India - Yashvi Translation, which started Apostille, Attestation, and Translation Services in 2010, now has branches throughout India, providing the best services to its customers. • Quality Service- Best practices in the administration of Apostille, Attestation, Translation, and associated services. • Customer Service-Customer service will be allocated a dedicated project coordinator. Pick-up and drop-off service in India for the convenience of the customer.

  2. Client’s Benefits: -

    Secure: Complete confidentiality safeguards are in place for information about apostille and attestation services. Transparent processes: Transparent processes have end-to-end management, actual time monitoring, document processing, and accountability. Huge Network: Throughout India, there is a vast network of excellent apostille and attestation service facilities managed by qualified, talented, and motivated personnel. Being there in person is not required: It is not necessary for you to physically be present to submit your documentation. In India, we offer pick-up and delivery services. No advance payment is required- There is no advance payment required. Make the payment. Once the job is completed, we will deliver the appropriate scanned version before dispatch. Availability of Services: We Accept Certificates from Everywhere in the World. Online payment choices include credit card, bank transfer, Paytm, and Upi.

  3. Conclusion

    Yashvi’s apostille service allows you to easily and quickly obtain certified documents for use both inside and outside of the Philippines. With us, you can rest assured that your documents are in good hands—we are known for our promptness, accuracy, and reliability. Don’t waste time trying to find an apostille service provider near you. Get in contact with Yashvi Translation today and let us take care of all your Apostille needs!

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