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You must possess an USA Apostille in India due to its growing importance. But for personal, academic, and business papers, that can only be done with the assistance of specialists and professionals at apostille conventions and embassy attestation service providers.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you hire specialists and experienced people is that they are aware of how challenging it may be to obtain legal certifications. They have merely received apostille job training. Anyone may quickly and simply obtain an apostille certificate with their assistance and professional guidance.


Where Can I Apostille Documents?

At Yashvi Translation, we always put the client’s needs first. Obtaining an apostille sticker on the appropriate certificate from the MEA as proof of validity is the procedure of certificate authentication.

Many countries who are a part of the Hague Convention follow it when legalizing documents. The Ministry of External Relations, or MEA, is the only department authorized to legalize certificates in India. It is a division of the central government that deals with international affairs.

What Is Apostille Attestation?

An official document can be obtained with an apostille of the Hague. A portion of the apostille procedure includes receiving the MEA sticker and apostille stamp in India. But it’s not a simple process. To complete everything, a ton of paperwork and procedures are required. Joining a local notary apostille will make it simple for you to contact a professional for MEA Document Attestation.

It is essential to obtain diplomatic approval before having papers apostilled and authenticated. The only method to demonstrate that the documents are true and honest is through an apostille. Additionally, it makes it plain why someone should visit USA.

One of the greatest businesses in the nation that does attestations and apostilles is Yashvi Translation. We are aware of where to obtain documents bearing an apostille, which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).

The relevant individuals must sign the documents in order for them to receive the regulatory body’s required approval. Due to the fact that we handle the apostille of birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, and other significant documents, we are able to provide comprehensive apostille services.

MEA Apostille Stamp Details:

“Apostille” is a French term that signifies “authentication.” Personal, educational, and business papers are apostille-ed in accordance with the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. All nations that are signatories to this treaty will recognize papers with an Apostille Sticker.

Your search for “apostille services near me” is ended now that you’ve discovered Yashvi Translation. We are the top MEA Apostille company in India. We are the most dependable apostille business in India since we have the most professional competence, specialty, and skill in providing specialized apostille services.

On the Indian MEA Apostille Stamp, you can find the following information:

• Country: INDIA
• The Birth Certificate is a public document.
• Has been signed by the officer whose service has been recognized by the MEA
• Bearing the Seal/Stamp of Serving as
• Certified by: Working in the capacity of on: Apostille date
• Where the apostille is located
• Reference No.: A four-letter and ten-number combination that is unique to all issued papers is assigned to the name of the person receiving the document.
• Seal/stamp: of the MHA section officer who issued the Apostille
• Signature: Authority to issue the Apostille

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Get Expert Assistance For The Apostille Documents

USA comes under the Hague convention and as per the rules and regulations of the Hague. It is imperative to authorize the documents and the meaning of apostille documents for the visa process. Without apostille documents, an applicant won’t be able to receive the necessary approval.


All the policies of USA and the Hague Convention are fully understood by Yashvi Translations. The entire process is fully apprehended by us, well, we have been working in this industry for numerous years now, what else do you expect? We are here in India to get you the visa through our apostille documents.


Our team first scrutinizes all of your documents methodically that including a life certificate for power of attorney, this is for the easy process in apostille countries. We work day and night to meet all the prerequisites for the apostille process and apostille services in India.



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Types of Documents and Details:
The Documents are classified majorly in to three types.
  • Educational
  • Personal
  • Commercial

How Do You Get An Apostolate For An Educational Document?

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The legal proof of your authentication of documents to acquire a Student VISA or Employment VISA in USA is an Apostille on the Educational document as a procedure of Educational Legalization. As one of India’s premiers apostille India service providers, Yashvi Translation stands apart from the competition.

  1. Step 1: First, the applicant sends his educational documents to a good Apostille consultant. These documents include his Degrees in engineering, medicine, diploma, HSC, SSC Certificate, Transcripts, School Leaving Certificate, Mark Sheets, Transfer Certificates, and School Reports.

  3. Step 2: then your papers will send to the notary attestation.

  5. Step 3: Once that is done, the HRD attestation if necessary or home/SDM attestation would be done on the certificate.

  7. Step 4: The documents must be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp as a final step along with section officer stamp and signature on the documents.


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We have been operating in this field for more than a decade. And this has assisted us find a niche in the MEA attestation and apostille services with our attention to detail and look for perfection in all personal documents. Personal documents in USA include birth, marriage, death, affidavit, PCC, medical, and power of attorney. With these documents, you can be confident that you and your personal documents are valid. The validity of apostille documents in india will be with just one apostille stamp.

  1. Step 1: First, the candidate provides a qualified Apostille specialist his credentials.

  3. Step 2: Then, your papers will be sent to the notary to be signed by the notary.

  5. Step 3: After this, the documents will be attested by the Home or SDM.

  7. Step 4: Legalizing a document indicates that it has to be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp and signed by a section officer of the MEA.


apostille process commercial documents india

When you want to export goods or services overseas for business, you must obtain an Apostille from the MEA (ministry of external affairs apostille). These papers are his Trade Certificate, Registration Certificates, Certificate of Incorporation, Export Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, GMP, FSC, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Authority Letter, Power of Attorney, Board Resolution, and Bill of Lading.

  1. Step 1: First, the candidate provides business documents to our qualified Apostille specialist.

  3. Step 2: Then, your papers will be dispatched to a notary to be signed by a notary.

  5. Step 3: After this is done, the document will be sent to the chamber of commerce as a requirement for the COA attestation process.

  7. Step 4: The documents must be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp or sent to an embassy for attestation if a different Embassy Attestation is needed.



Document Apostille is a simple procedure with Yashvi translation services. We include the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Connect YASHVI TRANSLATION SERVICES by call/ WhatsApp or email. After that, you will get a quote and process information.

  3. Step 2: we collect your documents safely packed to the registered address by courier.

  5. Step 3: After getting your documents, we acknowledge safe receipt and keep posted updates.

  7. Step 4: You will get your APOSTILLE documents soft copy in the next step so that you can directly upload it to the concerned authority.

  9. Step 5: Finally, we will provide your documents with “free home delivery” at your doorstep.

  10. Why Choose Us!

    Prompt Response - Your questions are answered right away. After receiving the scanned copies of the documents, the free quotation and process details will be shared. • One-Stop Solution- From start to finish, we provide a one-stop solution for MEA Apostille and Embassy Attestation requirements in India. • Reliable Apostille And Attestation Service In India- We are an authentic and ISO certified company that provides fast verification and legalization of your documents from the MEA in India (see our reviews and client satisfaction). • Service Availability Throughout India- Yashvi Translation, which founded Apostille, Attestation, and Translation Services in 2010, now has branches across India, providing the best services to its customers. • Quality Service- Best practices in the management of Apostille, Attestation, Translation, and allied services. • Customer Service-A dedicated project coordinator will be assigned. Pick Up & Drop Service in India to ensure client convenience.


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Client’s Benefits:

  1. Secure: Complete confidentiality measures for Apostille and Attestation services information. Transparent processes: Actual time tracking and document processing capabilities, accountability, responsibility, and end-to-end management. Vast Network:A vast network of world-class apostille and attestation service centres spread over India, operated by qualified, competent, and motivated personnel. Physical Presence Is Not Need-You are not required to be physically there and submit your papers by hand. In India, we provide pick-up and drop-off services. No advance payment is required- There is no advance payment required. Make the payment. Once the job is completed, we will deliver the appropriate scanned version before disptach. Availability of Service - We Accept Certificates from Anywhere in the World. Pay online via a bank transfer, a credit card, Paytm, Upi, or PayPal.

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