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The Israel apostille is becoming a necessity for India these days, but it must be achieved under the observation of an expert professional apostille convention. While there is embassy attestation service provider for the personal, educational, and commercial documents.


With expert apostille service providers you get this amazing benefit of working with the experts as they are well aware of all the complexities attached to the legalized certificate. With their guidance and advice, one can obtain an apostille certificate without any nuisance.



At Yashvi Translation, we follow a client-centric approach at all times. Our apostille fees are competitively priced as per the industry standards to deliver the utmost benefits to our clients. We envision offering meticulous apostille and attestation aid for apostille countries.

Our team of professionals thoroughly comprehends the complexities of apostille documents. They strive to review all your documents and provide necessary assistance. We sight at simplifying the apostille process and enable one to get the desired attestation of documents in India.

What is Apostille Attestation?

Apostille of the Hague is a process of legalizing the documents. The apostille of documents is a process of obtaining the MEA sticker and apostille stamp in India. However, the process is not easy, it involves hectic documentation and formalities to complete the entire process. Associating for a notary apostille near your location can enable you to easily connect with the expert for MEA Document Attestation.

The genuineness of the documents is validated by the apostille documents. It also indicates the motivation of visiting Israel in the first place. This is why, in order to get the mandatory approval from the embassy, apostille and attestation of documents is crucial.

Yashvi Translation is one of the finest attestations and apostille service providers in the country. We know the process of apostille documents and how they can be acquired from the Ministry of Externa Affairs (MEA).

The authorization of the documents is vital to get the required approval from the regulatory body. Hence, we offer extensive apostille services by taking care of apostille of birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, and other important documents.

MEA Apostille Stamp details:

Apostille is basically a French term which is meant for the “Authentication”. Apostille of personal, Educational, Commercial documents done as per Hague convention of 5th October 1961.All the member countries of this convention accept documents having Apostille Sticker .Well, your search for Hague apostille near me ends at Yashvi Translation. We are the best company for MEA Apostille in India. Our professional expertise, specialization, and proficiency in offering specialized apostille services make us the most reliable company for apostille documents in India.

apostille stamp india
  • Country: INDIA
  • This public document is the Birth Certificate
  • Has been signed by: Name of the officer recognised by the MEA
  • Has been signed by is the Name of the officer whose service has been acknowledged by the MEA
  • Certified by: Serving in the role of On: Date of Apostille
  •  At: Where Apostille is
  •  Reference No: There are 4 letters and 10 numbers which is unique to all issued documents
  • Is issued to: Name of the Person with the Document
  • Seal/stamp: of the section officer of MHA that gave the Apostille
  • Signature: Authorization to give the Apostille

Get Expert Assistance For The Apostille Documents

Israel comes under the Hague convention and as per the rules and regulations of the Hague. It is imperative to authorize the documents and the meaning of apostille documents for the visa process. Without apostille documents, an applicant won’t be able to receive the necessary approval.


Yashvi Translations are completely and totally aware of the Hague conventions that come along with the process of apostille and attestations. We are well aware of the entire process, in and out, and this is due to being in this industry for several years.


Our team of experts methodically scrutinizes all your documents including life certificate for power of attorney for easy procedurein apostille countries. We strive to meet all the pre-requisites for the apostille process and apostille services in India.

apostille document in india
Types of Documents and Details:
The Documents are classified majorly in to three types.
  • Educational
  • Personal
  • Commercial


apostille process educational documents india

Apostille on the Educational document as a process of Educational Legalization is the legal evidence of your Qualification legitimacy to obtain Student VISA or Employment VISA in Finland. Yashvi Translation is one of the leading apostille companies offering Degree certificate attestation/apostille services in India.

  1. Step 1: First, the applicant sends his educational documents to a good Apostille consultant. These documents include his Degrees in engineering, medicine, diploma, HSC, SSC Certificate, Transcripts, School Leaving Certificate, Mark Sheets, Transfer Certificates, and School Reports.

  3. Step 2: then your papers will send to the notary attestation.

  5. Step 3: Once that is done, the HRD attestation if necessary or home/SDM attestation would be done on the certificate.

  7. Step 4: The documents must be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp as a final step along with section officer stamp and signature on the documents.


apostille process personal documents india

Its been more than over a decade now that we have been working in this industry. Over these years we have certainly made a way for ourselves, we have sculpted a niche for ourselves in MEA attestation and apostille assistances along with our attestation to detail and eye for excellence for all personal documents. These documents include Birth Certificate, Marriage and Death certificate, Affidavit, PCC, Medical Certificate, and Power of Attorney. This is to ensure the legitimacy of your personal documents and of yourself in Israel. Just with a minimal apostille stamp, all of your documents will be legalized to be used in Israel.

  1. Step 1: First, the candidate submits his personal credentials to a qualified Apostille specialist.

  3. Step 2: Then, your documents will be sent to the notary for Notary attestation.

  5. Step 3: After this is complete, the Home or SDM attestation will be done on the documents.

  7. Step 4: The papers must be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp & signature of section officer of the MEA to complete the process to make it legalized document.


apostille process commercial documents india

When it comes to export any service or goods overseas for business purpose, you need to Apostille of commercial documents from MEA (Ministry of External affairs). These documents include his Trade Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Registration certificates, Export Invoice, Certificate of Origin, GMP, Commercial Invoice, FSC, Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, Authority Letter, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, and Bill of Lading.

  1. Step 1: First, the candidate submits commercial documents to a qualified Apostille specialist.

  3. Step 2: Then, your documents will be send to a notary for notary attestation.

  5. Step 3: After this is complete, the document will send for chamber of commerce as a mandate for COA attestation process.

  6. Step 4: Afterward, The documents must be stamped with a Ministry of External Affairs stamp or further send for Embassy attestation where the separate Embassy Attestation required.


Are You Looking Out For Notary Apostille Near Me For Certificate Attestation?

We provide comprehensive services for apostille stamps in India. We are the ideal agency with incredible experience and adeptness in handling degree certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, and apostille attestation.

Why Hire Apostille Near Me?

Are you speculating what are the advantages of hiring an expert for apostille services, and why it is crucial to associate with a professional located in the vicinity? Well, there are a few advantages of associating with an apostille service provider in your proximity.

Foster communication: Communication is the key; it enables one to identify the loopholes and take crucial steps. Collaborating with an apostille service provider in your vicinity will encourage smooth communication. It will make it easy to set the meetings and discuss in case of any doubts.


Document Apostille is a simple procedure with Yashvi translation services. We include the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Connect YASHVI TRANSLATION SERVICES by call/ WhatsApp or email. After that, you will get a quote and process information.

  3. Step 2: we collect your documents safely packed to the registered address by courier.

  5. Step 3: After getting your documents, we acknowledge safe receipt and keep posted updates.

  7. Step 4: You will get your APOSTILLE documents soft copy in the next step so that you can directly upload it to the concerned authority.

  9. Step 5: Finally, we will provide your documents with “free home delivery” at your doorstep.

  10. Why Choose Us!

    Prompt Response - Your inquiries are promptly answered. The free quotation and procedure information will be communicated after the scanned copies of the papers are received. • One-Stop Solution- We provide a one-stop solution for MEA Apostille and Embassy Attestation requirements in India, from start to end. • Reliable Apostille And Attestation Service In India- We are a genuine and ISO certified firm that provides quick verification and legalization of your papers from the MEA in India (see our reviews and client satisfaction). • Service Availability Across India - Yashvi Translation, which established Apostille, Attestation, and Translation Services in 2010, today has branches throughout India, offering the best services to its consumers. • Quality Service- Best practices in the administration of Apostille, Attestation, Translation, and related services. • Customer Service-A dedicated project coordinator will be assigned to customer service. Pick-up and drop-off service in India for customer convenience.

  11. Client’s Benefits: -

    Secure:Complete confidentiality precautions are in place for Apostille and Attestation services information. Transparent processes:Transparent processes include actual time monitoring and document processing capabilities, accountability, responsibility, and end-to-end management. Vast Network:A huge network of top-notch apostille and attestation service centers is dispersed throughout India and is run by knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated staff. Physical Presence Is Not Obliged:You are not required to be physically there and hand in your paperwork. We provide pick-up and drop-off services in India. No advance payment is required- There is no advance payment required. Make the payment. Once the job is completed, we will deliver the appropriate scanned version before disptach. Service Availability - We Accept Certificates from Anywhere in the World. Online payment options include bank transfer, credit card, Paytm, Upi, and PayPal.


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The Best Notary And Apostille Near Me

  1. Yashvi Translation is the best apostille service provider in the country. We have a rich legacy in offering on-time, expert, and competent apostille services to our clients. Our team is trained, skilled and competent to deliver the best apostille services in the quickest turnaround time.

  2. At Yashvi Translation, we follow a client-centric approach at all times. Our apostille fees are competitively priced as per the industry standards to deliver the maximum benefits to our clients. We envision offering meticulous apostille and attestation services for apostille countries.

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Most of the time, the offline process takes between 7-10 Days business days. But our consultants at the YASHVI TRANSLATION SERVICES could do the job for you in a much shorter amount of time in 4-5 days swiftly.


There are several steps to the legalization of an Apostille. The cost of the Apostille process will vary according to the type of document and the level of authentication needed. The urgency of the need will also affect the final cost, as will any extra services that the applicant asks for. Please get in touch with us so that we can provide the most accurate price.

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