Singhalese Translation Case Study


Client Overview:  The New York State Department gave us the project of Singhalese Translation the training curriculum series from English to Singhalese (30K words).

The assemblage of the document was huge and had an array of documents right from technical documents, legal documents, notices, reports, transcripts, tables, complex formatting as well as various terminologies. There were around 30000 words that were to be translated in 20 days.

Project Challenges:

  • Time constraint: The extensive collection of documents was to be translated in just a span of 20 days was one of the biggest obstacles.
  • Mix Domain: The project was complex and had a host of documents and technical information. Assigning to the right resources was tricky and skill-oriented.
  • Terminology management: The training curriculum has lots of technical information, terminologies, reports and analysis. Translating them with utmost efficacy using the appropriate resources and terms was challenging.
  • Consistency of text: A balance of text and maintaining consistent tonality was the greatest barrier.
  • Complex formatting: Replicating the original formatting in its exact form while translating the document was difficult to achieve.

Our approach

Yashvi Translation despite language barriers and communication barriers were able to successfully tackle the situation and translate the documents as per the requirement.

  • Assigning the documents: We planned the Singhalese Translation project by esignating tasks for various teams. The finance team were assigned finance related documents, the legal team were in charge of legal notice, reports and other collateral whereas the marketing team were given the task of translating brand related texts.
  • Resources: We made sure to leverage our network to the fullest and get the best translators on board to complete the Singhalese translation project on time with optimum accuracy.
  • Document Handling: The documents were divided based on their type, skill required, domain and information. The translators were assigned translation tasks based on their expertise, knowledge of the language, specialization and understanding of the documents.
  • Work schedules: A strict yet realistic work schedule was made and communicated to the translators and the entire team of Yashvi Translation. The documents were translated in batches and were instantly sent for feedback too.
  • Continuous communication: To approve the large collection of documents, we knew it was going to be a herculean task. Therefore, we made sure to communicate regularly with the client to get their feedback and suggestions.
  • Managing Modification: The modifications and changes were taken care of by our expert team with utmost precision. They made sure it is very little too and fro and the translated batches of documents get final approval on time.

Types of Document Handling

  • Finance documents: finance records, analysis reports, annual reports
  • Technical documents: Product specification, product modules, technical information
  • Training modules: User manuals, modules, training documents, education resources
  • Legal documents: Terms and conditions, privacy policy, security policy, disclaimers
  • Marketing collateral: Brand manual, brochures, product information documents, general instructions, product manuals and user manuals
  • PR and advertising literature: Press Release, Advertisements, articles, blogs, case studies, publications.

Results: Relishing success with accuracy!

The end results were truly astonishing and impressive. Team Yashvi Translation was able to not only complete the Singhalese Translation project within the limited time frame but with precision.

The translations were done with utmost accuracy along with impeccable terminology management. The output quality of the file and content was appreciated by the New York State Department and their team.

  • On-time competition of project
  • Limited corrections
  • Flawless consistency
  • Meaningful terminology-based translations
  • Professional formatting
  • Great Support and Service

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