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Our Successful Equation with “Perkins School for the Blind” and Others

As an institution offering customized language solutions, we have been in the business for a long time. But our association with the Perkins School for the Blind has a special place in our hearts. It is a school that has always cared to stand for disability inclusion. They develop effective models and enables students achieve endless dreams and possibilities.

Services since last 3 years: A Conventional Subject Matter Handled with Care

This was a slightly different client, and writing and translating subject matter related to the required special skills too. In the 3 years that we have known them:

      • Translation Services: We have offered them translation services to the tune of 1.5 lakh words.
      • Precise Glossary: We needed to create a specific glossary with terminology fit for content related to this institute and its work.
      • Localization for their website: Also, we helped them with was localization of their comprehensive website (with close to 80,000 words). We carried out this activity within the span of 1 year.
      • Conventional Subject: The Perkins School for the Blind needed us to handle a subject matter which was slightly different from other conventional subjects. But our expertise in the native language helped us out with this.
      • Successful Goal Delivery: We also have a team of expert, knowledgeable translators and project managers devoted to their work. They made the handling of such subject matter possible and goal delivering fruitful.
      • Sensitive Words: We translated sensitive words and phrases like deafblind and ‘multiple disabilities with visual impairment’ seamlessly into native Hindi, ensuring their sensitive nature was not lost in the process.

By doing this, we have actually ended up creating some new words in Hindi, which, we hope, will explain disability and its various aspects better.

For instance, we could successfully convert the thoughtful and delicate words into Hindi as:

        • Deafblind- बधिरान्ध
        • Multiple disabilities with Visual Impairment (MDVI)-बहुदिव्यांगता एवं दृश्टिदिव्यांगता
        • Multiple Disability- बहुदिव्यांगता
        • Visual Impairment- दृश्टिदिव्यांगता
        • Persons with Multiple disabilities with Visual Impairment- बहुदिव्यांगता एवं दृश्टिदिव्यांगता से ग्रस्त बच्चें

Usually, we have to carry out some work before we push the translated content for publishing. Some characters cannot get properly printed in the final layout. At Yashwi, we have a policy of always cross-checking for junk characters before sending the final print version for publishing. This way, we ensure the layout is error-free and looks great.

Our Approach: Satisfaction-Driven Goals

Our approach towards our goal of providing niche translation services that Perkins School for the Blind appreciated was simple, basic, but goal-driven.

          • Specialized Translators: For each client and project, we create a team of specialized translators.These teams or groups of professionals are responsible for specific clients, so they are well aware of client specifications and other associated requirements.
            • Dedicated Project Managers: We also have dedicated PMs who know their job well. They don’t mind going beyond client expectations while delivering the final product.
            • Robust Multilingual Translation Company: As of today, we have a solid, strong presence in the world of multilingual translation.
            • Accurate Layout Management: Lastly, layout management is also a significant portion of our approach.
            • Meticulous Attention to Detail: Our work does not merely get over with translation. This attention to detail has helped us diversify our services and consolidate our clients.

Our Contribution to the Industry

Since our humble beginnings in 2007, we have added numerous well-known global brands to our clientele list. We have also been creating a variety of content. Chiefly, we translate newsletters, articles, and success stories and make these available in different languages, thus enhancing and increasing the target audience for them.

In addition, we also undertake translating training modules. This work is technical in nature, and we keep in mind that the translated words in a different language don’t alter the original meaning of the training modules in any way. Challenging, indeed!

We also undertake communication translation within offices like internal communication and reporting templates.

Other areas we work in include webcast translation, policy documents, product handbooks in native languages and multilingual platforms, and press briefings. Lastly, we also translate forms and instructions’ booklets in different languages as per the client’s preference. We work in different domains like Financial Translation, Technical Translation, Legal Translation, and Certificate and Embassy Attestation, to name a few.

Relishing Success with Accuracy

Our dedication to providing our clients with the very best of services that we can offer is acknowledged fully and well in the numerous positive reviews we have received over time with clients as Perkins School for the Blind. Most of the people have appreciated us for the great service we provide.

Our professionals are known to the world as patient and responsive individuals who see that the job is done well at all times and on time. Our journey in constantly delivering accurate content is still ongoing. We continue to enjoy our success in translation services. It is based on great content with, chiefly, accuracy as its foundation.


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