Apostille is the procedure which includes authentication of notarized documents so they can be approved in Hague nations which have joined the Hague Convention. Attestation services near me are an international authentication acceptable in 112 countries worldwide, especially the western nations. With MEA Certificate attestation, public documents can be verified in the origin country. 

Ministry Of External Affairs Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs is the only authority in India which has the right to apostille or attest your document issued in any state of India. There are millions of documents apostilled every day. So, it is not easy to handle such tasks for the government. 

MEA announced the outsourcing process of collection, submission, and distribution of legal documents to private organizations in March 2012. But MEA still holds the rights to apostille the documents. 

MEA Attestation 

Every day, our company handles hundreds and thousands of documents. Each and every document is protected by barcode, so each document can be secured. You can stay in the know about the status of each document and you can also keep track of the progress. 

MEA Attestation of Documents

We conduct the following processes after receiving the document – 

  • First of all, we verify all the documents for correctness and check the supporting documents if they are arranged well. We can tell you right away if any document is missing. 
  • Each document we receive is barcoded by our team to keep them in the track. 
  • We send all those documents to MEA through our courier service. 
  • Your documents will be shipped back in the given time. 

Who Needs Certificate Apostille Attestation?

Apostille documents in India are one of the vital aspects of the legalization of your certificates. It ensures your entry to the destination country. If you relate to one of the following cases, MEA degree attestation is mandatory – 

  • To join a company abroad 
  • Visa transfer 
  • Family visa 
  • For higher studies in a foreign nation 

Procedure for MEA Attestation of Certificates 

After attestation of documents from the relevant authorities of state government, you can go for MEA attestation of certificates. Apostille of certificates is required when a document should be legalized to be used in a Hague country you are visiting. The apostille process can be done by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on all certificates issued in India. 

Step 1 – Authentication 

All original copies or documents which should be attested from MEA should be attested by concerned authorities of UT/State government which issued the document. 

MEA Attestation of Degree Certificate – The Human Resource Department (HRD) or Education Department should attest the documents with concerned Union Territory or State government. The authentication should be done with the designation and name seal along with the department seal. Here are the educational documents which should have MEA attestation/ apostille – 

  •  Degree 
  • PG Diploma or Degree 
  • Nursing Certificate
  • Inter Certificate
  • HSC Certificate 
  • MBBS Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate
  • Dentist Certificate
  • MD Certificate
  • MS Certificate
  • Marksheets

Procedure of Apostille Education Document 

  • Documents are attested from UT/State Government 
  • Final authentication should be made from MEA, New Delhi

MEA Attestation of Non-Educational Documents – General Administration Department (GAD) or Home Department of issuing UT/State Government is designated to conduct initial attestation. It should be conducted with designation seal, name, and seal of department. Here are the non-educational documents which should undergo MEA Attestation – 

  • Salary Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Employment/Experience Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Single Status Certificate
  • Medical Certificate

Here is the process of authenticating non-educational certificates needed for MEA attestation – 

  • First of all, validation is required to be done by GAD/State Home Department of concerned UT/State Government
  • MEA authentication is the last step. 

Attestation of Commercial Documents – The relevant Chambers of Commerce can authenticate these documents. They affix the rubber stamp on each document with the name of authorized signatory and their designation. Here are the commercial documents which should go for MEA Attestation – 

  • Power of Attorney
  • Export Invoice
  • Packaging List
  • Physical Analysis Report
  • Chemical Analysis Report 
  • Certificate of Origin 
  • Certificate of Incorporation 

Here is the procedure for apostille attestation of commercial documents- 

  • Initial authentication of document can be performed by the respective chamber of commerce
  • Apostille from MEA conducts the final attestation 

Step 2 – MEA Apostille 

After attestation, the documents are legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs on the basis of signatures of State Government/UT authorities. The Apostille sticker is affixed on the backside of original documents.