Since your birth in India, you may have got a lot of certificates and documents from private, government and public institutions. Later on, you may want to settle abroad. Hence, the proof of your qualifications, birth, and experience would be required by another country you want to settle in. In short, you need a degree certificate attestation. 

MEA Attestation of Degree Certificate 

The MEA Attestation of Degree Certificate is a very important procedure to verify that your documents are genuine and prove that all the paperwork you are submitting are not fraudulent. This way, we conduct background inspection to verify the authenticity of documents. At last, all your documents will be duly sealed by MEA for authenticity. 

Degree Apostille India 

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to get degree apostille in India – 

  • To work in other country
  • For higher studies 
  • Required by foreign nations 

Degree Certificate Attestation – Documents Required 

You need to submit the following documents so we can start background check and you can get your degree certificate attestation – 

  • Original degree certificate
  • Supporting documents like Aadhar card or photocopies of passport 

Basically, There Are Two Types of Degree Apostille 

Here are the ways of background check we conduct – 

  • State authentication 
  • SDM authentication 

State Attestation 

  • All the documents are related to some states of the country. 
  • In this apostille method, the state government should verify the authenticity of documents first. 
  • The secretariat of the district will be responsible to conduct state authentication to issue the documents. 
  • Apostille marriage certificate is issued after state verification 
  • This process involves a lot of government bodies. 
  • It takes around 30 business days to complete the process. 

SDM Authentication 

In this verification process, all your documents will be checked to ensure authenticity. Then Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) will certify the document for authenticity and accuracy. 

After getting the SDM seal, the document will go for final check to MEA for apostille. Most government documents are not indulged in this type of verification. So, it is a faster route. Verification is done in 2-3 business days mostly.  

Choosing the best type of Apostille 

There are basically two different ways of doing apostille degree certificate India. But choosing the right type of apostille is up to the destination country you are heading to. If you are traveling to the Hague nation, SDM authentication is good as it takes less money and time. 

Austria and Italy are Hague nations but they are exceptions because they need state attestation. If you are not traveling to the Hague nation, state attestation is needed. This way, you need to go for Embassy and MEA attestations. 

How much time does authentication need?

A lot of government departments have their roles in MEA and state apostille. So it needs more time than expected. It takes more cost and 30 working days as compared to SDM apostille. SDM is a very fast and cost-effective process. Time required relies on the desired package. 

Can we submit documents to MEA directly? 

Documents could be submitted to MEA directly before 2012. Later on, more documents are required for apostille. This distribution and collection is not handled by MEA alone. This way, we can collect and distribute the documents. We will submit the documents on your behalf once you share these with us. 

We are capable of handling your documents with care. You may want to get transcript apostille and some employers or universities ask for transcript. If you are seeking a dependent or work visa to go to a foreign nation, be sure to get an apostille for birth certificate, marriage certificate, and PCC. 

Listed here are the processes involved in apostille 

  • Online registration for apostille 
  • Visiting office to deposit document and/or sending documents 
  • Online payment 
  • Getting tracking number of documents
  • Checking updates 
  • Getting emails about apostille status 
  • Gathering/collecting documents 

An Apostille contains the following information – 

  • Name of country issued the documents
  • Name of person signing document
  • Name of an individual document is issued to 
  • Designation of person who signed the document 
  • Number of certificates
  • Place of certification 
  • Date of certification 
  • Stamp or seal of authority who is going to issue certificate 
  • Sign of authority who is going to issue certificate

What to expect after applying for apostille?

We ensure authenticity of documents once you apply for degree apostille India. We get the documents verified for correctness with concerned departments. 

If the proper document is submitted, we will conduct the further process to SDM. Once a document is signed by ADM, it will be processed for apostille through MEA. We check the apostille details like your name, seals, and date. We process the document further if there is any room for correction.