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Case Study #1- Data Analysis project

Client: We’ve recently done data analysis project for an Intelligence  & strategic analytic company .This company  turn extensive consumer data from digital, traditional and social media into actionable intelligence. And thus create solid strategies and help corporates in optimize digital engagement — all based on consumer data. They convert social media data with the help of Crimson Hexagon portal.

Project Detail: We have recently done the Data analysis project  in 3 languages(i.e.  Arabic, Spanish, Hindi).We’ve analysed 6 months  social media data on the basis of certain search terms of consumer durables   multinational.

Approach towards project:

  1. This project was more Data analysis and less translation-Unconventional kind of project.

2.Need proper training/understanding of Crimson Hexagon portal to the  translators before  go-ahead.

  1. Lots of new keywords research done in this project.


Case Study#2-Englist to Karen & Chin Translation project

Project Detail: We came across one big document translation project in English to Karen & English to Chin in Medical domain. These languages are spoken in the southern Asian (Burma, Mizoram) part. Being a rare language, the key issue is the availability of limited resources. These translators living in poor infrastructure facilities. Thanks to our extensive database, we had done the translation in said domain effectively!!

In addition, we also have done the DTP task for these languages on request by our client.

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