Attesting documents is a very important procedure that you need to consider when starting a business in a foreign country or applying for a visa. Apostille Attestation is a mandatory requirement before visiting a country which follows the Hague Convention. When Apostille Certificate or Documents need to be translated into the universal language like English or specific national language for attestation, language translation services are required. Apostille services near me provide certain facilities for apostille documents and certificates for your trip to a country where the Apostille Convention is needed. 

Apostille Documents in India

Apostille is a certification of document which is issued by a registered or legal entity of a country. The Apostille document is verified and is considered legal to use in an Apostille country. Hague countries are the countries where Apostille is required and accepted. Apostille varies for each country. For example, if you have Apostille to Germany already and want to use the same document in Poland, you need to get the same to Poland as you cannot use the old apostille. 

Here are the verification requirements for Apostille documents – 

  • State Authorization from respective secretariat, state department or SDM attestation, as per the procedure 
  • Notary from authorized professional 
  • MEA Apostille

If your preferred country is not Hague country and you need to get Apostille, there is another step you need to follow – 

  • Legalization from country’s embassy (only if it is not under Hague Convention)

Apostille Services

You can access Apostille services in India from the first step to the final step of verification. The attestation or apostille procedures start from notary to Home Department or SDM attestation, MEA attestation, HRD attestation, and finally Embassy Attestation of the specific country. Here are the apostille services we offer – 

  • Birth Certificate Apostille 
  • Degree Apostille 
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille 
  • MEA Apostille 
  • PCC Apostille 

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Hague Convention Apostille

The Hague Conference of Private International Law has drafted The Apostille Treaty or Hague Convention Apostille which mentions the modalities. It certifies all the documents issued in any signatory countries for legal purposes in all the signatory states. Apostille near me is an international certification which serves like a local notarization of a document.